the second dvd fsx

Mr-sony Guest

i got fsx couple days ago. but i dont know why my computer cant complete the installation when i insert the second dvd , it keep saying insert cd 2 ! ... can someone help me with that plz

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Do you have Nero or Roxio software installed? If so uninstall it/them and then try installing FSX. There are known issues regarding those software titles.

Once you have successfully installed FSX, you can re-install it/them.

Mr-sony Guest

i had nero and i uninstall it as u told me, restarted my pc ... but it still saying insert disk 2 .... may be it got to do with my pc it self ... i have amd 4600 processer , 2G ram ... ati 1900xtx .... and 2 dvd roms ( sony , samsung ).

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Someone else had the same problem, it turn out they had two disk 1 even though the second disk said disk 2. they took it back to the shop and got it exchanged. It worked fine after that.

Put the second disk in the drive and go to my computer and explore the disk it shound say disk 2 if not you have two disk 1 .

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