FSX ... only on DVD?

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So the story goes that FSX will only be available on DVD. I thnk that sucks. I dont have a DVD player in my computer and I dont want one. Why should I? I have a DVD player in my entertainment center where I watch my movies. So I have to install a DVD player in my computer just to run FSX? Did I mention that SUCKS!

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There's already a thread on this here...............

It's no different than when software first started coming out on CD's, I had to install a CD in the computer. If all you want is a DVD that can load and run software they are not expensive, in fact they are a lot cheaper than I paid for my first CD drive.

You obviously bought a DVD for entertainment which replaced the VHS tapes. Same difference.

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I think that it will be good that fSX will be on DVD only 🙂

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I've just replaced my DVD-rom, 12.00 GBP = 21.24 USD and it's a Sony, so there not that expensive really. Although saying this, I suppose that 12 GBP and 21.24 USD maybe alot for our younger simmers. Better get a bigger paper round !!! 😳 Whistle

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That is a ridiculous statement to make.

You might as well say "Why does software not come on a floppy disk any more?". Or going into HMV or Virgin and asking for the latest Madonna album on viynl.

DVD drives ARE NOT expensive, here is a DVD ROM drive from Scan Computers for £11.05 (or under $20 USD). So "not wanting one" is fine, however you're being its just you being stubborn.

LOTS of games are DVD only - Battlefield 2, FarCry, Quake 4, Doom 3, The Sims 2, Call of Duty 2. Besides, if your PC doesn't have a DVD drive then I'm willing to bet it is quite old, in which case I'd like to see you running this new sim anyway.


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