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c2fargon Guest

I picked up FS today, read all the system req's, but when I opened the box, it says I have to load with a DVD only and that a stand alone CD-ROM will not work. Man is that a crazy thing, why did they not put that on the outside of the box. Sure hate to buy a $60 dvd to load a $40 sim.
Thanks for any help.

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Spoty101 First Officer

i dont know where u bought it but it should say PC DVD on the top right corner of the box and a DVD-rom doesnt cost 60dolars if u go to wal-mart u can get them for 30 dollars

c2fargon Guest

It does say PC DVD on the box, so can I load it without a dvd?
I have a Dell, if I put a non-dell product, it can void my warranty.

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

No, it will not load from a CD-ROM drive. Why on earth would anyone buy something that says PCDVD on the box if they don't have DVD drive??? Hopefully, you have a friend with a USB external DVD drive that you can borow.

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