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I was wondering if anyones got a step by step, free way to upload recorded videos off FS2002 to youtube. I have located my FS video and it is a .FSR file.

any help would be very much appriciated Surrender Hack

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either download a program that converts files which it will be hard to find a good one since .fsr files are not a popular file. so, if you don't want to pay, download camtasia studio and after you do the part you want to put on youtube, click the button on the keyboard that has the windows logo on it and that will take you back to the desktop and start up camtasia, navigate to the point where you can record the screen (it's self explanatory) and then record the screen, go back into FS and replay the part. after it's done recording, chop off the begging of going in and all that hoopla.

dme43 Guest

Thanks for the reply🙂, but is there anyway of opening the fsr file without recording the screen? ie. open the fsr file it self either on windows media player or something else. anyway, whenever i try to open the recording, it takes very very long cause i put it as a 1 second recording interval.

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piper_wichmon Trainee

I don't think so because I don't think WMP has the capibility. But hold on, I'll check right now. No it doesn't. Sorry.

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