FSX mediocre performance in my PC


I'm having serious problems with Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition, it is running way TOO slow, my PC exceeds all the minimum requirements 😕 , Im not going to complain like a lot of people in here, saying that flight simulator x is a piece of crap, when we all know is the best simulation software out there, i've been using all versions of flight simulator since FS98, I know the problem is not FSX, is my PC.

I have all my display settings set to LOW, and Im only getting like 10 FPS in rural airports , Ohh, and i almost forget, i have to wait over 5 minutes for the game to load, I need your help or some tips to make it run faster, I spent 65 bucks on this, and i dont want to keep this in the box 😕 ...

My PC Specs:

Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.4 Ghz
512 MB RAM
ATI Radeon 9250

Thanks a lot!

Angelo G.

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get 1 to 2GB of memory and a better graphic card, but I would wait till DirectX10 cards come out.

angelogg Guest

Ill wait until DX10 cards come out, but ill keep with this one by now, i believe 2.4 Ghz are ENOUGH to run FSX very well... I agree with u, my problem could be RAM memory too 🙄

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For now add at least an additional 1gb of memory.
You will see some improvements

Guest Guest

Turn the Autogen off and make sure the weather effects like clouds are set to slow. Also keep them other graphic sliders low and this should hopefully help performance. Also turn off background programmes such as your Anti-virus because such background programmes are hogging your system memory.
This is the best that can be done unless you want to buy a new system. Your CPU, amount of Ram and Graphics card are all fairly obsolete for performance programmes like new games.

fs adept Guest

hi, i had the same problem with my 3ghz cpu, 1gb ram, nvidia 5700 256mb. fs wouldnt run well when above 640x480 at low colors. low details ... found some regcleaning software. regscrubxp, cleanit, mwav.exe, regcure and system mechanic. passed them all and eliminated about 600 invalid registry entries. now i'm playing full color 1024x768 full detail, and there are basicly never any jerks. try it out. worked for me.

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