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Greetings to all.

Can anyone tell me where to find details of fuel consumption for aircraft?
In order to fill in a flight log properly I need to know fuel consumption rates at take of, cruising etc. I suppose at a basic level I could use MS FS 2004 aircraft specs giving range and total fuel load but I would like to take it further. I realise that these details will be in the manufacturer's aircraft handbook but as a flightsimmer I do not have access to one. I have tried the aircraft manufacturers web sites but the info is not there.
At present I am interested in Cessnas but later I would like the same info for other aircraft. Any ideas?

😛 Simmy

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Hi simmy
Fuel consumption rates are based on things like air temp, altitude, Rpm settings etc.
Here is a performance chart that I found its for a cardinal but you will get the general idea.
You can browse through the site it has tons of checklists and charts.

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Hi Spitfiresrule,

Thanks. As you say there is a lot of info there to give me a guide.

😛 Simmy

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