eyepoint up/down dont work?


Anyone have any trouble moving the eyepoint on the external view up or down? I do this on FS9 no problem by using SHIFT+ENTER and SHIFT+BACKSPACE, but it doesnt seem to work on FSX!
Note this is for the external view, not the aircraft view (works fine on the aircraft view)

any tips?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

yea I got this, I have check the keys a mill times, am pretty sure am using the right keys combination...still nothing, this is a stupid problem

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jelami First Officer

hit shift F10 to bring up the kneeboard and it will tell you all.

move back = ctrl enter
move forward =ctrl backspace
move down = shift backspace
move up = shift enter
reset = ctrl space

Hope this helps

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Problem exists for me as well. THose commands seem to only work in the virtual cockpit for me on any aircraft.


yea same here, I dont think we are entering the wrong key commands, it suck not been able to pan the external view, another down thumb to FSX from what FS9 did very nicely....


man i cant believe this, no one has a clue? I guess I might have to ring up microsoft...this is retarded


well for those who care I figured it out (actually stumbled into it)
you have to go to LOCK external view mode and then use the arrow keys (with numlock on) to move the view or "pan" around the aircraft.....

gnirtS Guest

Anyone know how to alter the seat height for the 2D cockpit? These commands only do the virtual cockpit.

I find the virtual cockpit ugly and hard to read making flying from it annoying at best. Problem is on lots of aircraft its impossible to see the ground through the window at all with default settings (737, cessna etc).

Pretty much destroying the game for me at the moment unless that can be fixed.


Edit:- Ive found CTRL SHIFT Q / CTRL Q which works but every time i use the hat to look left/right it resets it when i go back to 2D forward view.

Is there any way to save this?

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