help jetways dont work

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Alexander Whitman (flyawayking1991) Trainee

i have all the options on extremely dense sceneryadvanced animations on to and auto gen 😞

which line do i park a 747-400 at gate a-10 at jfk i put it on the last line and pressed ctrl+J and it does not come i dont now why

Plese Help!!!!!

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

First, you cannot pick the gate , ATC will assign you a gate to go to. IF, IF....that gate has a jetway, and it is on the port (left) side of the aircraft, and you open the door (SHIFT +E) and then call the jetway (CNTL+J) it should come. To figure out which line - turn on the taxi way in the ATC window - cant remember exactly what its called, but you should get yellow dotted lines directing you to the propoer gate.

I'm assuming all of this is AFTER you land. SO why Gate A-10 at JFK only?

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

Just in case you dont read your mail...

Why you need the jetway to come to the airplane at the BEGINNING of the flight I dont know. The only thing I can think is you have your engines running at the gate. The jetway WILL NOT come to the airpane with engines running. And yo need to have the door open. Also make sure you are at a LARGE gate and not at general parking - not a small or medium if your in a 47.

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I've had the jetway come to 737-800 with my engines going and door closed. Thats how it starts for me when I choose the aircraft from free flight.

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to make the jetways work u have to have AT LEAST 128mb vidio card. i had the same problem, i upgraded from a 64 mb vidio to 256 get a ge force 6150 le, and they work. it has 256 mb memory 😂 oh and jellrod u don have to do it at the beginng of the flight 😛

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krichard Trainee

reply soon

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henbo Trainee

it doesn't matter about your graphics card. when you r flying go options display graphics and turn advanced animations on

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