G15 logitech keyboard

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Kev (Dyad) Trainee

Is anyone using this keybaord for FSx?

It has an LCD screen which can display game info. I was wondering if anyone has made an LCD app for fSx.


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Running Guest

I'm using an G15. The programmable macro keys are great.
I use them for pitch control, mixture control, time acceleration, login for multiplayer, spamming multiplayer chat with usefull information and opening/closing the chat window. The layout of the macro keys also allows for some logical grouping of these keys/functions.

Not using the LCD though.
Infact I turned off all LCD features to improve framerate, but during tweaking I have the performance monitor on to see processor and memory usage.

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Michael Stanaland (locuteus) Trainee

Has this situation changed for anyone else? I have been looking for a FSX G15 mod for about a year now, off and on, with no success. I wish I had the skills to build one myself, but alas, I do not. I'd really like to find something that displayed basic flight info, speed, altitude, vertical speed, etc. Anyone have any ideas?


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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

No. There aren't any programs for FSX to work with the G-15 Keyboard. Like others said, it's a great keyboard to program aircraft functions, however I don't use my macros keys anymore for important flight controls..... I have the Saitek X52 programed to handle those.

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Hi all

I have developed the G15 Speedbird. This is a FSX Applet for the G15 keyboard. It's still a beta - but the basic functionality works.
Check out my home page:


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