Dual Monitors at same time with FSX

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Question I have is does anyone have 2 monitors and can utilize them at the same time on fsx. If so how do you do it. I have one video card installed and both my monitors run off it. I want to be able to have it streach across both monitors

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If you already have both monitors setup on your video card, then you should be able to click and drag various panels onto the alternate monitor.
e.g. on the default 172, Shift 1-5 will bring up clickable devices to drag onto your other monitor.
Also, Shift+Alt will bring up a top toolbar that will display, among other things, "New View". Click on a view that you would like to try (Top-Down, for example) and drag it onto your other monitor. But Beware! Your new view is going to eat-up a lot of FPS so be prepared for that.
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Doesnt anyone understand there's a HUGE difference between using two monitors and dual-monitor-use?

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