Dual Monitors, Times Two

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I just read this in a newsletter and thought we might need it sometime.

Dual Monitors, Times Two

For some folks, two monitors is simply not enough.

"I am looking at the Asus A8N-SLI motherboard for the use of the two PCI Express graphics slots. I want to run two cards and four monitors and I don't know if this is actually possible."

Your question set NVidia's director of technical marketing, Nick Stam, on a quest to determine just how easy or hard it would be to run four monitors off of an SLI-enabled rig. Turns out, it's not very difficult at all. Nick ran his own test with three NEC 19-inch flat panels and one ViewSonic CRT (with a DVI-VGA dongle) attached to two Geforce 7800 GTX graphics cards installed on an Asus A8N-SLI motherboard.

The trick is that you set up the system the same way you would a standard SLI rig, but you don't enable the Multi-GPU mode in the main NVidia control panel.

Once your rig is up and running, you'll have several options, Stam says: "For example, the user might select 'dualview' to get two separately managed screens per graphics board, and thus four separate screens across the two graphics boards. Or the user can experiment with various spanning modes."


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