X52 Profile please?

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i was wondering if anyone has a good X52 profile for flight sim x. i know ive seen the link to the saitek site where the X52 flight stick is but i havent seen any for flight sim x. just 2004 and what not. if someone could help that would be great.


contact on aim would be best- dsldawgfb (DSLDAWGFB)

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Karlw Captain

you can't use the x52 with fsx 😳 I got it for my birthday 😳

Jimbo8615 Guest

ummm ya u can. i have been using mine since the game was released. i would just like a profile that was premade cuz im lazy and dont wanna do my own 😂 but ya, there are a few buttons that are already programmed. if u cant setup ur buttons in the controller setup. try going to ur x52 profile editor and setting ur buttons to match whatever the keys are setup in in FSX. but ya, u CAN use the x52 in FSX and its really nice 😎

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gheib1 Trainee

Karlw wrote:

you can't use the x52 with fsx 😳 I got it for my birthday 😳

Maybe he just forgot to plug it in?

Guest Guest

My X52 works great too, just would like a profile

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RadarMan Chief Captain

i made it work, all it needs is a little modification
i have second trigger drop flour bombs

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