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Saitek X52 controler profile

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Hey guys. Just got the game and X52 fight joystick. Anybody have a profile for the game and controler. thanks

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With my X52 I seem to have a problem with the pinkie switch. This is the switch that acts like the SHIFT key.

When I try to create a profile and I press the pinkie switch, there seems to be a rapid repeat rate that makes it go from MODE1 to MODE 1 + PINKY very, very quickly.

If I press the switch once it will change to either of the two modes it happens to land on, sort of like a roulette wheel. It does not toggle click by click like I think it should.

Is this a glitch or is it something I might be able to fix through a setting?

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 2:00 am Post subject:
Here ya go.

Actually no profile for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is at the provided link, or anywhere else on Saitek's site I could find.

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