African Relief Mission ???

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I get to Katale and land OK. I taxi to the waiting car on west side of strip to unload cargo. Nothing. I shut engines down and open door. Nothing. How the hell do ya unload cargo or am I not at the right spot. I went over to the tent area and nothing. Help..

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Smack your plane into the tent. Twisted Evil
You'll crash your plane and fail the mission, but you do get the uption to load the cargo. Evil or Very Mad

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And you know this becuase of expierience? 😂
Actually got it to work the second attempt. Didn't get close enough to the tents the first time. Mission acomplished. 🍻

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I know this out of frustrating experience.
I'm getting as close to the tents as possible....... and that a bit more 😞

I did save the mission half way through.... maybe that is the problem and the saved game is bugged.

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