Can't completely uninstall Lukla Mission D/L'd from here.

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Please help me get my FSX back from being trapped in the Lukla Mission. I installed mission, flew and enjoyed it. No special uninstall instructions so I deleted Lukla folders. Now, when I fly 'Free Flight', I can choose airplane, airport etc and that will load, but I have "Mission Pointer" upper left as if I were still in the Lukla Mission. Also cannot use menu functions that aren't mission related. ie no recorder. When I end flight I get "end mission" instead. I have contacted the OP but it's been several months with no response. I removed the Rewards.bin but that did not help. Can I just copy and paste a new FSX.exe over old? I'm doubting it. I Reeeeeaaaaaallllllly don't want to reinstall all over again! TIA

Win 10
FSX sp2
Orbx scenery
Rex wx
i7 3.2ghz

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Best bet is to find the log folder and delete that mission.
I'm not sure where it is, I just bought a new computer with W10 and haven't installed FSX yet.


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