I was on the fence until ----

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I was on the fense until I went to gamespot and saw ther collection of 140 screenshots of FSX.


I have already spent more than the cost of FSX Deluxe trying to get accurate graphics of FS9 and it still wont hold a candle to FSX.

I tried the download and with everything turned up to the max I was able to run it without stuttering so here is hoping the full version will run on my machine.

All I need now is to talk to Santa, but wait, I am Santa. I know, I'll give it to Darling Wife for X-mas. Who knows, I might get a new sewing machine. 😀

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My copy of X should arrive tomorrow. And yes, buying the wife a new sewing machine works wonders. Especially if it's a Bernina. 😀

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You'll enjoy FSX the scenery is much improved.
Defeag before and after you load it, it's about a 14gig load.


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