How do i reset the pilot log and rewards gained so far?

u5ndh Guest

I'm new to FSX and MS flight sims in general.

I've been playing for a few days so far but want to start a new log as if i'm new without all my trial missions and the rewards i've gained so far. I can delete the log with no problem but is there a way of resetting the rewards gained so far.

I could do without having to re-install the program again just to do this.


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Running Guest

Well reinstalling probably won't solve your issue.
Renaming C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\Logbook.BIN probably will do the trick. If not name the file back to Logbook.bin

But frankly, whether you are proud of some results or not, it's part of your history/record and thus belong in your logbook.

sveardze Guest

Here's another question along the same line... what if your logbook isn't keeping track of your flights? I've flown many routes that I'm quite proud of, but none of them show up! The last entry that is in there is from way back in October.

Running Guest

Long shot but.....
Could it be you have the date for your flights set in a distant past?

Sveardze Guest

I just wrote a <a href= target="_blank">blog</a> about the whole "my FSX logbook isn't showing entries" situation. So yeah, I answered my own question.

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