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Has anyone heard of such an item? It is basically a sort of log book which you give to the pilot to sign and write down the miles etc whenever you travel. you take it whenever you travel and get it sigend by the captain etc.

is there anything like that? does it have a speicfic name? does anyone know where i can buy one like that?

If you can give me a direct link to the product, it will be much appreciated.



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Check out FS Passengers. It might just do what you're after ➡ http://www.fspassengers.com
Trial version is free and the only restriction is that you can only take off from one airport...but can land anywhere you like. Well worth the try 😉

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Tailhook is correct.
❗ FSPassengers offers you such kind of infos and much more.Worth to try...worth to buy 😉


Sorry, what I want is a real life book. not a software program. This is a book I will take with me whenever i travel and get it signed by the pilots.


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I see.I cant give such an information(dont know)but maybe Google helps you. 😉

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Try the CAA website as they may have such stationery information.

Alternatively what about Amazon?

PC Pilot might be able to put you in touch with a supplier via email -mail@pcpilot.net

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I don't know of a specific log book for your purpose. You could use a regular pilot logbook to record your travels. Idea


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