I need some suggestions

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Hey all!!!
I need some suggestions on what FS addon to get for Christmas. I don't know what I'm looking for really. I have the CLS Eclipse 500 and FS Passengers. I'd prefer an aircraft over scenery or a utility...but just tell me what you guys like. Thanks. 😀 😀 😀

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Why don't you try the PMDG 737 NG! You can have the older version 600/700 or the newer one 800/900 both are an excellent addon to any flight simulator.
PS Welcome to Flyaway! 😀

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get the just flight C-130 hercules, i was likea kid with a new toy when i got it i still haven't worked it all out, and when you get bored you can repaint it

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pmgd 747

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Thanks a lot guys for the suggestions!!! 😀 I'm not a fan of really long flights, so the PMDG 747 and the C-130 aren't really for me.

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May be you would want to try FsFlyingSchool...

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T-37B Tweet microSimulator(FS9)
180 page PDF manual ➡ Read manual Give manual 30 seconds.
Photo realistic paint schemes (10)
Photo realistic virtual cockpit
Accurate moving parts are modeled
Used by some U.S. Air Force pilots to prepare for pilot training
T-37 B and C models included
$30 Download delivery


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➡ PMDG 737 NG if you ask me. 😉

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