Horizon simulation's VFR scenery for UK

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Tried their demo last night which covers Wales and the Snowdonia mountain range and I thought it was stunning, looking great even from fairly close up. Seemed a lot more realistic than the one I tried from Just Flight

If you try the demo, take off from Caernaforn airport and head East, their scenery begins shortly after you reach the mountain range

Might see if I can sneak their 3 volumes onto a late xmas gift wish ! 🙂

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Have all 3 volumes it is pretty good... would recommend it I find the colours much better than just flights. I have a good friend who flies excutive jets out of Luton and he looked at all three, that's fsx default, just flight and horizon and he was well impressed with horizons. There are a few bugs but still worth getting it and they are sorting it out.

Not sure how to put screenshots on here not been on before but there are some very impressive ones.

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Here is a screenshot I took from the demo
It's quite good as it shows clearly where Horizon's scenery begins from the FSX default terrain

For a full size version, go here

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The quality is pretty good, but they have been under pressure to sort a few problems out. There is no night lighting yet due to a problem but there should be a patch ready this next week. I spoke with them for some time and with what they have planned over the next few months is very impressive. High res cities(free downloads) and I think London looks pretty good without and of course they are well into an additional 3D addon.

How do I load screenshots onto here?

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