VFR scenery clashing with VFR terrain

cheekytrolly Guest

I have both addon VFR photoreal scenery for England, Corsica and New Zealand. I also have VFR payware satelitte accurate terrain mesh for the above three countrys.

My scenery appears fantastic in flat areas, but as soon as I go up into hills and mountains it becomes very blurry, and even though I fly at a slow speed of 130 kias it wont sharpen up!

Whats going wrong and how can I fix it????

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Well, how much RAM do you have?

cheekytrolly Guest

768mb of ram on the motherboard
256 on my video card

Hope this helps!

Would it fix it by lowering the "terrain mesh compexity" ???

Pro Member Captain
Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Well, it seems you have more RAM than me and alot of my VFR terrain seems to run fine. So that's probably not the probelm. Try turning off all the houses and trees in your scenery and tell me how that works.

cheekytrolly Guest

All autogen is already disabled in the corsica area!

And its the mountains im having trouble with blurries, not the towns,


cheva Guest

if you have ever gone to the north and south pole in fs 2004, it's... well... kinda f***ed up. It's like a cliff that you cant get to and you cant get away from. And if you try to save it there, when you go back, your about 300 miles off the western coast of Equador. the heading indicator tries to devert you back south. but you have to use the world map to get to that "edge of the world". There are other screwed up thing about the poles but there too weird to explain. my conclusion is that the earth is really a cynlinder in this game. These error need to fixed in the next fs version.

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