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Hello all, thanks for all the great information on this site. Lots of really good info for folks like myself who can't afford the real thing yet and take the "game" WAY to serious!! 😂

I have a question on carb heat and how it's used in real airplanes. I spend most of my time in a C152 and Piper Warrior by, their Flying Club cd to be exact. I see that it's said in the checklist to apply carb heat before reducing power for the descent. Is carb heat neccessary all the time when reducing power, or reducing power for descent, or just reducing power for a quick altitude change? What if you're flying at 2000' above Houston, TX in the middle of summer? Forgive my ignorance, just trying to learn a few things here, probably the first question of many!

Thanks in advance, and thank you for a great web site.


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Carburetor heat is required whenever you reduce power, even in the summer, because of the reduction in the temperature within the carb. This temperature reduction, along with reduced clearance of the throttle plate(when in the idle position), can cause ice to form with a outside temperature of even 70 degrees F. 🙂

Read page 83(book page Chapter 5-6) in this PDF file of The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge from the FAA.

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WOW! 😳

Thats a wealth of information there, thank you for the link!


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Carb heat also aids in keeping the engine warmer when you are decending so that you don't shock cool the engine.

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