Airbus A321 sensitivity

Fly boy X 12284 Guest

I dont know if its just my program but every time I fly the A321 it is extremely sensitive and very hard to land manually. the trim never works when i fly manually, it only works when autopilot is on... is that normal? and when im comming in to land manually the plane barely slows down even though i am at idle.. is all this normal?

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charlieoneseven Guest

I have been unable to land that one so far, the throttles go down to 45% power and I have to grab the throttles seperatly in virtual cockpit with the mouse to get them any lower. The auto throttles kick in when I pass over the fence about to flair and it's another go around. I need more sensitivity on the elevators on that one on take off if I let the nose drop it will almost hit the deck with full up stick before recovering. My other jets in FSX are un flyable with the trim still stuck full up. only the A-321 and the hang glider are flying so far. Everything else stalls on takeoff and crashes even holding full down...

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