Looking for an expert FlightSimmer for new Vintage repaints

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I have been a fan of Project Airbus and IFDG for flight simulator repaints/models for awhile. The realism and quality is excellent. I was wondering if anyone would consider the following repaints for the future on the A318/A319/A320/A321:> > EASTERN AIRLINES A320/A321*> TRANSWORLD AIRLINES A320/A321 (ORIGINAL WHITE/RED LETTERING)*> AIRFLORIDA A320/A321*> EOS AIRLINES A321*> BAHAMASAIR A320> NATIONAL AIRLINES A320/A321 (ORIGINAL SUNSHINE VERSION)*> NEW YORK AIR A318/A319*> PEOPLE EXPRESS A319/A320> SOUTHERN AIRWAYS A318/A319> VALUJET AIRWAYS A318/A319*> CANADIAN PACIFIC AIRWAYS A319/A320 (ORANGE SCHEME)*> > I know this is a huge request but it appears these repaints would be a great addition to the FlightSim world.

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