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in need of these repaints FSX

air jamaica b747-400 airbus a321 beech king air 350

air malta b747-400 b737-800 airbus a321

first choice b747-400 b737-800 airbus a321 (b757 once i find the blank bmp)

my travel b747-400 airbus a321

thomas cook b747-400 airbus a321

tobago express de havilland dash 8-100/300 (once again when if ind the bmp)

caribbean airlines b737-800 beechcraft king air 350

if you want to do these or one of these please email me at i am offering £50/$90 etc. well whatever your currency is if you repaint all of them. For each one i am offering $15/£7.50 may i please remind you this is for FSX

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