[UK] RAF aircraft - what's the process?

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I'm applying to the RAF in a years time as pilot or air traffic controller, and, in the pilot role, would like to virtually fly the aircraft they use. I'm going to get Just Flight's Tornado and Hercules (although I know in real life an RAF pilot would only fly fast-jet, multi-engine or those aircraft that have propellors on the top...), but wondered what aircraft they use? I have read the RAF literature I got from an AFCO, and to my understanding all pilots start in the Grob Tutor, then the fast-jet guys head off to the Shorts Tucano, and the mutli guys deal with the King Air B350, but can anyone tell me:

+ If this is right, and if they use any other aircraft for their training?
+ Any useful websites for UK Military ATC?

Thanks in advance!

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if you read it in RAF literature then it probably is correct

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Luigi - Don't assume the RAF doesn't still have a use for (and use pilots for) good ole prop - and even tail-draggers. Recons sometimes require the good old Beaver & Norseman types. The best of luck and success with your RAF goal.

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