FS2004 Crashing to desktop!

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Hi all,

A quick question if I may - any advice much appreciated.

Recently installed FS9 along with PMDG 737NG and Level D 767.

Whilst mid-flight - FS9 crashes to the desktop with no error message. It loads ok and my system is more than capable of running these programs. An example: was on a Level D flight from Manchester to Malta when about halfway (over Nice) I hit the progress button on the FMC and flight sim vanished completely. Then , again Level D, en-route Monastir - Birmingham the same thing happened, (over Nice area) but this time I wasn't accessing the FMC or any other functions. It just crashed instantly to the desktop. The events viewer didn't tell me which application was faulting but each time there were 3 errors occuring at precisley the same time.

I did a brief web search and found that Microsoft Support suggest "deleting or renaming the file OLEACC.DLL", which I did.

Although I haven't had chance to see if this has worked I'd be keen to hear if anyone has had this problem or knows how to fix it. Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,

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Deleting that should solve the problem.
If not you may have to take the side off your case, clean out the dust in the computer, the fans and heatsink get a buildup quite fast.
FS9 is graphic intensive so it can overheat the machine.
If you can add a fan in the front and or rear you would keep the machine much cooler.


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I did have asimilar problem a while ago and with reference to radarman's post, it worked for me when I deleted the corrupted file.

P.S. Welcome to flyaway. 😀 😀 😀

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Thanks indeed for that info.

So far so good!!

Merry Christams

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