has anyone seen any wildlife in FSX ?

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Hi all

Well since I brought FSX I just can't stop playing, It's great.

Just a thought, has anyone seen any wildlife, and where did you see it?

as I have only seen dolphin's and seagull's at Lihue [PHLI] and have never come across any of these anywhere elce! and I have only seen
Elephant's, Giraffe's, Zebra's in the park mission.

Is there anything elce to see? as I have heard there are lion's, Orca Whale's, Hump back Whale's ect......... can anyone help me please as I have spent a hole day looking with no luck.

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Karlw Captain

kenmore air harbor almost hit birds

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vincentrose Trainee

Lions and Tigers and Bears???

Oh my!!!!!

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

vincentrose wrote:

Lions and Tigers and Bears???

Oh my!!!!!

You forgot whales!!!! 😀 Seen them around Hawaii and Washington. Also saw some bears too....

mike20022 Guest

Cool......... but I can never seem to find any.

where did you see them (airport) (location)


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Orion (ollyau) First Officer

I have seen birds once in San Francisco near the piers. I think you need to have "Advanced Animations" on. I have a picture of it also.

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Taylor First Officer

there was a bear on the aleutian cargo run on the first landing right next to the dock. i wish i could have got a pic. 😀 😀

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