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First of all, I am brand new to this forum, but have reviewed most of the topics searching for an answer to my issue. I hope my post is OK.

I have FSX running well and installed a Triplehead2go on graphics output 1 on my Nvidia 7600 GT card. It is driving 3 Dell displays and works great.

I added a 4th Dell monitor to the 2nd output on the graphics card and wanted to set up multiple monitors. I wanted to use this 4th monitor to display the view out the right side window.

I can find no instructions or documentation on multi monitor support for FSX (other than Wideview). This link covers multi monitor implementation for FS2004:

I thought it should apply equally to FSX but I can not get the extra display active for my side view within FSX. The 2 outputs on the 7600 GT card work well in XP Pro. Also, in FSX I can place PANELS such as ATC panel, Kneeboard, etc on that 4th monitor OK. I can not figure out how to get my right window view moved to that display and still display the original main display on the front monitors.

Any help anyone?

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I don't think this will e be of too much help but you never know.


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I got it to work ( after some difficulty ) with 2 monitors by switching to windowed rather than full screen mode

To move a window eg a view or ATC or Sat nav to the second window. I right clicked on the relevant window and selected 'undock' . I was then able to drag the window across to the second

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I can do that. However, after placing the new view on the 2nd monitor, I can not get the original window active again so that the hat switch controls movement on the front primary monitor instead of the 2nd monitor.

RadarMan's link above has given me some ideas to try for success. There are some guys on that link that are doing almost exactly what I want to do so I should be able to copy them.

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I have the same setup, three Dell monitors, TripleHead2Go, Nvida 7600, etc. I cannot use the second card output for a fourth monitor and retain the triple head setup.
Also, I have not been able to get the operating cockpit to sit over the virtual cockpit. I had hoped to open the virtual cockpit across three screens, the open the operating cockpit in a single screen to have peripheral views. Anybody able to help?

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Well, here is my experience with the Triplehead2go.

I was not happy with the Triplehead2go and have quit using it. From a non-pilot's standpoint it would probably be good. My 17 year old grandson loved it.

However, here is the shortfall, which as an experienced pilot, drove me crazy. I am using flat panel 21" CRTs for the main 3 displays. CRTs have much wider frames around the disploy compared to LCDs. With the Triplehead2go, the displays were crisp at 1280 X 1024 and 60 Hz refresh rate. That's the max it will work with Nvidia graphic cards. I was very impressed initially.

However, after flying I imediately realized that the lack of any compensation for the part of the view that should be blanked by the monitor frames in a real world view was a real issue for me. This became extremely annoying in banking views, etc. The base leg to final turn was particularly annoying. Seeing the runway in the left monitor, it looked very realistic and the bank was started to final only to see the runway come into view in the center monitor way off to the left and I had an extreme overshoot. Any banked view causes the view to be sawtoothed between the 3 monitors due to the wide frame around each display. This would still be present with the narrow framed LCDs but perhaps not so bad.

Well, that's my experience. Its now on the shelf. I had rather have another dual output Nvidia card. With regular multiple monitors, I can at least skew the secondary monitor view and allow for what should be the missing part of the view.

Your idea of using it for the more static cockpit layout instead of the dynamic outside views is a good idea and you will probably have a better experience than me. Especially, if you are using LCDs instead of CRTs for the cockpit.

I will answer your question in a separate post.

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To make the 4th monitror active stay in XP and go to Control Panel - Display - Settings. Assuming your 4th monitor is connected and turned on, you should see the wide display shown (the 3 wide display) and the 4th monitor shown. Highlight the 4th monitor and check the box underneath that says to extend the display to this monitor.

That will activate the monitor and you will see the XP background displayed across all 4 monitors.

In that same display screen, you need to place the monitors in the real sequence that you are going to use them in. If the 3 monitors are to go under the 4th monitor then place them that way.

That will get you started. If you intend to use a 2nd Nvidia card in your PC, ask about that now as I had a lot of trouble until I finally figured out how to get the 4 outputs working.

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I'll try the fourth monitor move as soon as I have the chance. Actually, I'd fly the virtual cockpit alone, stretching it over all three monitors, but there's no way to get to certain features, like radio frequencies, that I can think of.

Last Spring, in our company's annual training, I used four projectors (in two pairs), splitting the outputs from each of the two NVidia card outlets. The left monitor was projected onto rear-projection Lucite screens set up as our cockpit panels, using the operating cockpit, while the other output was a virtual cockpit moved forward, outside the greenhouse, to project onto two (duplicate) rear-projection 6' x 8' screens for the huddled masses. The masses got to watch the take-off, early flight, and (on-purpose) failure with subsequent crash, while I and my FO worked in the cockpit simulation cubicle. Got the idea of pre-job-planning (AKA pre-flight) across the the group. Out of 450 peoplpe over six days, only one ever got "airsick," but we sure made a few people sweat!

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I have the 4 outputs on my 2 Nvidia 7600s set up for 2 CRT monitors as the main forward outside view and 2 LCD monitors below as an almost real size instrument panel.

Since my current PC is pretty well maxed out, I plan to expand to a 2nd PC with Wideview for 3 more CRT monitors displaying surrounding ourside views. I hear rather mixed reviews of Wideview so I am sorting that out a little more.

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