Real Life - 767-300 Smoke in Cabin

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I just arrived back today from sunny Brazil after a 2 week holiday. I was squashed in a My Travel 767-300 plane for 10 hour flight from Salavdor (SBSV) -> Gatwick (EGKK). When we took off from Salavdor at about 8PM (Brazil Time)the pilot turned on the A/C just seconds after we left the runway, white smoke appeared from the middle of the airplane, inside of course, the smoke came from the A/C vents. I was wondering what it was. Is it condensation or maybe some insect repelant? May i suggest, NEVER fly with my travel, nor sit in a 767-300, a tin can for 10 hours. MT gave us 2 free drinks during the flight, 1 about 30 mins after take off with our meal (dinner) and the other was beakfast at about 7am GMT. They only came round with the drinks trolly twice, it was a discrase.


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Jamie4590 Guest

I'm sure its something else but when you depressurise an area fast enough it leaves water vapour in the air which looks like a white mist.

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Karlw Captain

I flew once happened to me its ogygen or something everyone noticed it yet the flight went smoothley

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spitfiresrule First Officer

Its just condensation happens all the time. And yeah never fly with My travel I have heard lots of bad things about them 😕

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Prozac919 Trainee

I doubt you deiced from where you were flying. However, I have seen this happen before when the deicing crews accidentally get some fluid in the engine intakes. The Learjet 35's I used to fly were notorious for this (used to brief the passengers not to be alarmed any time I deiced). Took about 5 minutes for the stuff to clear out.

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Dan Young (dannyboy2005) First Officer

Thanks all.

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