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Is there a download that i can get the weather shown om my GPS, Just like they do in real life. Does FSX have this feature?


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Dan Young (dannyboy2005) First Officer

I have found something on the web after a day or two researching. Its AOG - COMMON WEATHER RADAR. I have purchesed it and downloaded it, LEGALLY I'm fed up of my hostess's saying that they cant serve drinks in this flying conditions and gives my company bad reputations 😞. It's a long drawn out processor installing it but oh boy, is it good. It shows turbalance, rain, ice and wind like 180miles in front of you. It warns you of wind sheer and tells you what parts to avoid. There's three radars that you can install. Boeing Heavy aircraft radar (747 etc), Boeing Light Aircraft (737) and Airbus's radar. Its worth every penny.

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Thanks for sharing your find. 👍

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