My laptop and pc upgrade help

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hi there

i am just wondering what could i upgrade on my destop pc and my laptop to run fsx

my desktop
is a hp pavilion
it has 256mb installed but i added an extra 256mb eryer this year as it was going very slow in fs9
i dont know if it has a video card or not
and it has 80gn hard drive
2.8 pentium 4 cpu i think its deafently 2.8

my brand new laptop
is a
acer aspire 3690wlmi
1gb ram
60gb hard drive
intel celeron m cpu 1.72ghz

my laptop seems to run fsx ok
but my desktop is very slow at playing fsx and has realy bad graphics even when settings are at high

i am just wondering what stuff could i add to make m pc and laptp faster and to run fsx smoother

i was thinking of some more ram and a graphics card for my desktop

change my laptop to 2gb of ram

please suggest some please

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if you computer's mother board has a pci express or agp slot i suggest upgrading or buying a good gfx card. 1gb of ram at least. as for the laptop just try not to over heat it Surprised

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ok thanks for that do reccomend me making my laptop to 2gb of ram

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if you have the money then u do what you want. yea the more ram the better

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