How the crack/disable default Ai?

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How can i possibly destroy the default propel Ai Traffic Twisted Evil ❓ ❗
Or disable because i want traffic but those little propel planes i want to execute immediately and take traffic with only big jets.. so pls mtv pimp.. oh wrong place... so pls somebody help me ^^

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Go to Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Scenery\ and rename the file "trafficAircraft.bgl" to "trafficAircraft.bak". If you want to enable it again, just change the file extension from .bak to bgl.
You can do the same for the traffic in the water by renaming trafficBoats.bgl to trafficBoats.bak


FinnAirAviator Guest

Yes great but that disables all ai aircraft traffic? i just want like 747 737 airbus in air but not like cherokee or cessna how to do that? thanks anyway 🙂

MrPilot Guest

Go to "Settings" -> "Customize" and click the "Traffic" tab.

In the middle box under "Aviation Traffic" set the "General aviation traffic density (%)" slider to 0.

That should remove the civilian air traffic.



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