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ok Evil or Very Mad I am really getting angry, always when I play multiplayer in FSX, in a couple of mins its says "you have been disconnected from gamespy, somebody using on aother computer" Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Whats wrong with it, I bought the game in a store the delux version and its the real copy pease help !!!!! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

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hcomspa Guest

I have the same problem... can anyone help?



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Taylor First Officer

ME TOOOOO!!!!! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad


Let's open a club, then Evil or Very Mad

Viper006 Guest

Hey y'all. The easy fix is to Download FShost client for FSX.
Follow the instructions in "read me" to get it installed.

This program is awsome!!!

Here are a few things I can do.

1. Record my flights
2. replay all flights of my friends in sim.
3. Boot non conforming pilots with out closing session.

How does this all work you say?

Contact me via email and I'll share the wealth sugject line FSHost

guest Guest

OK since getting FSX I have only been able to connect once to play multiplayer. I always get the message 'Unable to connect to network'. Last night i thought my problems were over when I finally connected (did nothing different). Of course, today, I cannot connect again. What's the deal??

Viper006 Guest

Which network? GS or FSHOST?

viper006 Guest

Am online now for thoughs having difficulty with the multiplayer sessions and using FSHost.

I'll have ventrilo open and yahoo messenger going also until 6:30 est.

Viper006 Guest

Use fshostspy to find a server to connect.

1. run program,
2. click on name
3. open fshost, click on multiplayer, connect, type IP from fshostspy. port #23456
4. select session from window and select connect. best flying have fun.

crussemt73 Guest

OK so I d/l the FSHost program. I need to change settings on my router apparantley to use (default port 80, says something about changing it to 81). I have previously only been able to access GameSpy one time. Yes I am one of those that needs a step by step (sorry, I play the games, I don't tweak them!). Any help greatly appreciated.

viper006 Guest

LOL, HAHAHA no problemo. I'm a step - by - step person myself.

Download FShostspy also. open this program up , find a mission server listed. Click on it.

This should list all its server information.
the only ports I had to open\setup was right here in this program.

Will get more infor to yoou if you can contact me on any of the voice programs.

I do run a lynksys router.

Some of the guru's with routers can possibly help with your step by step setup.

Guest Guest

Hello All,

If you're having the problem with logging into Gamespy or getting disconnected, you'll need to change your port settings in the port range boxes. Go into the multiplayer mode and select Network Settings, and then change the port range numbers to 23455 - 23455. If this doesn't help try 23456 - 23456.

Also, if you're using a router, you might have to setup these same numbers in the router's program functions to allow data to come through the ports and to the computer you're using with Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Do some searching through Google and read more about this topic.

Good Luck!

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ken (kennwaskiewicz) Trainee

just to and log in on ur fsx accont minamiz it and log in on multiplayer 😀

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n7xlq1 First Officer

Does anyone know what ports to open up to get into GS room? I can connect to the arena just fine but I'm seeing no one in the rooms.

viper0006 Guest

First, My router along with FShost client & fshost spy work both on 80 & 81.

Knowing that My usage of FShost client has been an answer to my prayers. No more disconnects, no more dealing with harassement pilots.

Some things I do have now that I run FSHost client.

Can fly with fs9 & fsx pilots (need to have specific acft or default acft shows).

Can reply my missions.

Don't get disconnected from server.

If you decide to DL the FShost program and run your own server, this program gives you the option to disconnect unruly pilots.

Yes I have been gamespy free for almost a year.

OH!!! if you voice chat, use teamspeak or ventrilo or others.

Some find text chat their thing, but unless you run fsx in window or like to alt-tab, find a new program.

Cheers and fun flying to all

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Blomst Trainee

I also got that problem ? What can FSHost bee used for ?!

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hotwheels4x4 Trainee

i read online that it is a default message meaning the server is full. i read this from

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mohawk77 Trainee

hotwheels4x4 wrote:

i read online that it is a default message meaning the server is full. i read this from

You are correct but it means the free flight lobby is full. I got in the free flight just long enough to change lobbies and have no problem staying connected however there is barely anyone in those other lobbies. If folks would move their servers over to some of the other lobbys we might have better luck getting connected without getting disconnected. I was having the same issue yesterday and called MS but all they could do was tell me to create another user login. Apparently they have no clue either and also would be nice if they could put the lobby that you want to log into before signing in. Free Flight is the default so that is why it is so full. It is a bad design. What they should do is up the number of users in the lobby. I don't think the lobby has anything to do with the person serving because I have been disconnected from GS many times while still staying connected to the server (that is if I can get in).

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surfboy100 Trainee

I had the same problem, then I found out firewall was blocking the internet connection. I told it to allow it and now I can play online.

pavilion_dv6 Guest

ME TOO WHATS THE PROBLEM??!!! Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

atorque Guest

Here is the real fix for anybody who wants it. First off you need to understand that the issue stemms for the freeflight lobby. Microsoft setup many lobbys but all the idiots tend to gravitate towards one lobby....freeflight.

Now for the fix. Locate your FSX temp folder. For windows 7 its here:
C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX

If you cant find it.....use google to figure out where it is. Once you have located that the fsx.cfg with notepad. Near the bottom, look for a line that starts with DefaultLobby=
It more than likely says freeflight...and that is the problem. Change the line to read the following.

DefaultLobby="Helicopter Ops"

Remeber to not use freeflight lobby....this is where the problems come from. You can use all other lobbies except freeflight. Hope this helps you guys to join gamespy.

Regarding FSHost....its crap. You need to port forward if you dont have cable internet. When you do finally get it will notice it lags because the refresh rates are very poor. Gamespy works, the only problem comes from all the idiots in freeflight.

atorque Guest

Sure fire fix. Get faster internet. I had this ussue before i upgraded my internet I can join freeflight any time of day all year long.

Another possibility is to find a gamespy server that is allways up and that allows direct connection such as FSMP server. You can then login to another lobby and use direct connect IP address to join the FSMP freeflight server. Just a thought.

fighting falcon Guest

Evil or Very Mad gamespy stopt so multyplayer is unpossible.

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