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Need some help. This has been a problem of mine sence trying to play in a multiplayer game. After entering all the info to spawn where I want in a game I click join. This is a random problem as well. If I get the box that says how much the game has loaded, I know I will get no picture when the load is complete. Only an audible clue that I have spawed at gate. ( I can hear my plane and the ATC.) If I get a black screen when the game is loading, I will connect, spawn at gate, and get video about 20% of the time.

This is aside from the connection problem with GameSpy.

Also I will be following the rules flying etc. All of a sudden the game seems to pause. If I hit enter the game comes back, but I am the only on there. Am I being kicked out? Or is something set up wrong.

All I want to do is play some multiplayer games. I am not an idiot and can fly and land well... Seems like a big pain in the ass to even try to play multiplayer. I have had nothing, but one problem after the next. Please help if you have any ideas. Thankx

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emerald_flag wrote:

not sure whats going on with the video card maybe update drivers?

and for the multi player yes gamespy kick everyone and people kick you from there servers because you dont contact them

Drivers updated several times. Just to be sure. Also I contact whenever possible. i'll try the drivers again. Also I installed Traffic and an Airbus add on. I uninstalled them because I thought that maybe it was trying to run my traffic in the multiplayer game?? Still no change.

Does this game just not work well in multiplayer yet, or does everyone seem to have alot of problems. Thankx for your reply and will check back later.

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PACK'S? I did the service pack 1. No others though. We could be onto something here? I found Pack 1A. Pack 2 I don't think I need. After work I will check it out. I forget why I don't want 2.

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