ATC Radar Runway and Taxiway Labels?

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Hi guys!
Is it possible for the ATC radar in FSX to display runway labels and taxiway labels? It's a pain to have to go to airnav to look up the airport info.

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Hey man:

Im one of the more respected ATC's in FSX today and of course many know me for the helping hand i give...

LABALS: You must have your Settings on Normal ( Make sure u take tree's off it makes your games much more smooth if you have a low end pc ( Auto Gen. ) It's in your Senery Tap..

AIRPORTS INFO : So far there's only a option to show u the basics like ILS aprch and Airport Codes as well as the airway's etc.. So your still better off getting AIRNAV info befour you host a airport..

Hope this helped u out..

E-mail me at If you need any more help or look at our site ( ) It's a military site but we also provide military and Civ atc.

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