How to tell which taxiway to turn?

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Hi, I am confused about taxiways and taxi signs in FSX.

Lets say I request taxi clearance. ATC saw something like: "Taxi to and hold short runway 09L using taxiway A B C, AB12"

I will pushback and follow signs A, B and C to the runway. But let's say that there is taxiway A, and the sign looks like this:

A | B >

And then I follow taxiway B but the sign looks like this:

B | < C >

Which direction do I go? Is there a certain direction I have to go or can I take any direction and I'll be fine? Sometimes when I go one direction my next taxiway isn't there and I have to turn around.

I don't like using the progressive taxi and sometimes it doesn't even work.

If somebody could help me I would be grateful. Thanks.

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