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Andy2005 Guest

Does anyone know a way to find out which way you're meant to taxi off a runway? The ATC tell me to turn at the next taxiway and then I contact ground. However, they send me on a route to the gates which requires me to turn around and go back across the runway in the other direction?! It's impossible to stay on the taxiway doing this unless you get a pullback. Mad Usually I turn off at the side of the runway which looks as if it has the main airport building on it but it doesn't always work. Any advice gratefully recieved?

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spuddi Guest

turn on the progressive taxi option. it will create a pink line directing you along the taxiways.

Andy2005 Guest

Sorry, I think you misunderstood. I usually use progressive taxi but you don't have the option until you've actually left the runway. I don't know which way to turn off the runway.
Thanks anyway

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tomthetank Chief Captain

You would be right to turn towards the main buildings 9 times out of 10,but theres always one airport Mad

Try looking up the airport before you get there via the map mode and see where the parking places are

Or if its happening at an airport you like to use and ATC always send you the long way around,try altering the taxiways with afcad2

Guest Ed Guest

Since I usually fly smaller aircraft, I always go to the overhead view (ctrl-S) and try to see where the smaller planes are parked. You can't always tell, but sometimes it helps.


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nottobe Captain

this is what I do: right after my nose gear touches down and before it slows down to turning speed, I switch to side views (both sides) and check where the control tower and GA buildings are, the parking gate that will be assigned to you is always on the side of the tower.

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