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Rick G Guest

Trying to create a Flight Plan from Waterloo, Iowa (KALO) to The Eastern Iowa Airport (KCID) and I am having trouble with the requested runway at Waterloo vs what ATC wants to assign. I request either Rwy 12 or 30, an 8393' runway, ample for the 737-800. Aircraft sets up as requested, but when contacting ATC, assignment is for Rwy 36, a 6004' runway! I can get the 737 off the shorter runway, but I am using every bit of the 6004' to do it! There isn't any prompt allowing me to request another runway for takeoff. Does anyone out there have any suggestions, other than "Throttle Up and watch for the end of the runway?"

Seems to me if they have a runway long enough to let you land, they would also give you something comparable in flying out!

Any suggestions will be appreciated! - Rick

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Rick G Guest

Never mind, sorry! I was just sitting here watching the news and my mind must have known the answer all along? Just pull up ATIS before contacting Grnd Cntrl and Tower. I tried it and works like a charm. It will only give you the ILS runway that is in use for departing and landing! That's okay, I just picked up almost 2400' in runway length! 😀

Thanks anyway and happy flying! - Rick

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