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Anybody have any comments on this download? Does anybody use it? Is it really complicated? I would assume you have to learn to fly all over again.

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Orbiter is a fun little space simulator, it is no FS2004 but try it out. The graphics are not very impressing from ground level, but once in orbit it is not bad. There are also many add-ons for it. Also a great PDF containing 100+ pages of instuction is included with the base pack. The learing curve took me about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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Just a question.
Is it possible, for example, for me blast off in a space shuttle from earth, orbit the moon and land again on a runway back on earth?


I'm sure it is possible, but if you desire the most realistic moon voyage get this add-on for orbiter 2006, it lets you fly all the apollo missions to the moon and back. Here's the website

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Years ago I had MS Space Simulator which was great for finding out where planets would be on certain dates, as well as moon cycles and a lot of fun putting observatories on the moon or different planets to get their view of things.

But also it had a space ship portion and I found it very challenging because up there you don't have any air under your wings to help you steer. I think it would be a great (and somewhat challenging) adventure trying to get to the moon and back. In FS you take off from Denver and head for Chicago and its not too bad because Chicago is gonna be where you started pointing towards when you took off. But if you point at the moon at fire the rockets to push you in that direction, you are gonna have a bit of a surprise when you get 250,000 miles out on that line. The moon will be off somewhere in the distance. If you keep firing retro rockets to adjust your course along the way to keep the moon in front of you, then you'll run out of fuel. So you have to try to predict which way to go so that you and the moon will come to the same spot at the same time.

Keep us posted on your moon mission okay? It will be interesting.

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Definately. I am gonna download both Orbiter and the Apollo program, obviously look through the reading material and then ill make a start.

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If you go to sim flyers community, have a look in "other simulators" and take a look at ,"To the moon and back with neil and buzz" and i think all your questions will be answered!

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