i play it its very graphic and fun!


here is 2 screenshots...

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I remember downloading it and giving it a go a while back....I also remember not being able to work it and wondering whether you needed a degree in Astrophysics to work it 😂


lol i already went to mercury neptune the sun and everywhere you can think of 🙂

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Hey people,

I have downloaded this "Orbiter" sim over night, a 35mb install file and a 75mb texture pack.

I tried taking the demo flight and took the few screenies below but I have no idea what I was doing:

So afterwards I took a quick read through the "basic" instructions but closed it half way through as it appears it is far to complicated than I had imagened 😕

Is there any sort of "unreastic" mode where I can just muck around untill I get the hang of it? (Thats what I did when I started flight sim a few years ago lol)


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