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Does anybody know of any Supersonic aircraft for FSX?
And any like... 747 aircraft or some kind of commercial airliner that has been edited to go really fast?


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Pretty well most any FS9 aircraft would work in FSX, you just have to ensure the gauges and effects are copied into their appropriate folders in FSX. There are some differences (minor but still there), involving parts that haven't been textured but have had their part properties adjusted to display as desired instead - these showed up fine in FS9/FS8. In FSX however, anything not textured displays as totally black. The other thing is lighting - specifically, landing and taxi lights - these bear no relation to how they were incorporated in FS9 (and it was much easier in the early version, go figure), so if the model was made for the earlier sim, those are the two main items to watch out for. I found all aircraft flight characteristics are generally better overall in FSX.

p.s. - I am working on updating my fighter design for FSX - it's a concept so won't appeal to everyone, however it is intended to be fully compatible. It is not only supersonic, but has the boom & cloud effects as well. Again, any aircraft with similar features should work in FSX, provided all the effects are transferred over.

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when u finish ur plane... could u be kind enuf to email it to

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