help!! end up on the grass when flying ILS inot KLAS

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hi guys...hope you can help!

just did KLAX to KLAS in a B747-400. Everything went great, i got cleared to land onto 25L at KLAS which is at an altitude of 2181ft.

I hit the approach button about 12-13nm out at 3,800ft which was what atc assigned me, and again everything going great, the jumbo got in line with the runway and started desending.

However, disaster!! the aircraft was desending rather eratically, the nose was going up and down and not gliding down the slipe in a neat line and i ended up on the grass a few 100 feet short of the runway

any ideas why this was????????



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That's funny I flew into klas today with the 747 but visual 1R. I was handflying it and using an approach speed of 180 and full flaps. From what you describe I would guess you didn't have enough power in and the nose was pitching up because of the effort of the autopilot to maintain glideslope. Also if you were somehow overweight that could be a factor also. (the plane not you 🙂 )

Capt AndyM Guest

thanks for the response,

I had her at 180knts, with flaps at 30. Definately wasn't too heavy, had very little full...left KLAX with only centre tank full everything else empty.

I have just done it the other way round as well, KLAS to KLAX and again same thing, eratic nose up and down...

anyone else got any ideas why its doing this?



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