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just got the game. how do u toggle auto pilot???

alex the guest Guest

Apart from personally setting up altitude, speed and heading in the cockpit the Z key usually does the trick,

futurepilot Guest

Well, it depends on the aircraft; some like the Cessna Skyhawk have it on the Radio Stack and set the heading with the heading bug, but others such as the Boeing 737-800 have it on the panel, with knobs to adjust heading,etc., but the Airbus A321 autopilot can be confusing, because you have to adjust and turn on with the knobs, and with all aircraft with the speed hold feature, you must have autothrottle on in order for it to work. Also, this post would be helpfull, too: If for some reason it doen`t work, let me know an I`ll type in the topic name. Hopefully this will help!

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