Flight Yoke and Flight Pedals w/ Flight Sim X Deluxe Edition

Mike333 Guest

I am selling both my CH Products Flight Yoke and Pedals. I am also throwing in a copy of Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition. The ebay link is at the bottom. If interested let me know, thanks much guys.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Fix the link.


x pilot Guest

tried that link but could not view the items in ebay, i am interested in them!

x pilot Guest

shame i am on the other side of the world, all that kit with a head trcker would make flight sim awesome!

Mike333 Guest

I will ship to another location if needed.

x pilot Guest

i live in germany, so i emagine shipping will be dere, its a shame as all those prefirals i cannot get in my local town only over the internet at a price, mostly from the usa though!

Mike333 Guest

I can get it to you, the shipping I believe will not be THAT much more, so would you like to purchase it? 250 USD?

x pilot Guest

ya thats good, i get paid uk pounds so i have a uk bank account, umm is it possible to find out roughly how much the shipping would cost please?

250 us dollars is 127 uk pounds at todays rate! so that a good deal, i will just need a figure so i can go throught the wife lol!


Mike333 Guest

Shipping, I just checked, for a decent shipping time will be about 30 - 40 dollars. How will you be paying if you do decide to purchase this? I would REALLY recommend PayPal..

x pilot Guest

hi mike, sorry for the dealy in reply... i think will have to wait abit before getting stuff like that to be honest, i think it would be wiser to get fsx working better so ie spending money on the pc to make it better then be able to enjoy fsx more and then get stuff like that, tempting though...


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