Rudder pedals won't respond

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I am running MS-FS2002 with a working CH product flight sim yoke and recently added rudder pedals connected to game port. Followed the install instructions, downloaded the latest drivers. (Using WinXP ).

The game controller properties recognize the pedals as "Axis R " and calibrated them properly.

FS has enable joystick on and auto rudder off. All the axis and buttons of the yoke are recognized but not the rudder . Any help ?

Anybody using CH yoke and rudder (gameport-non usb) with flight sim 2002 ?


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Did you go into MSFS settings and assign the axes there also?
It's under "joystick axes", you should have the yoke and pedals to choose from in the drop down menu. Then assign your rudder and brakes. Good luck, I hope this helps

Gates1 Guest

Captain Jelami is DA Man !

It worked !!! ahhghhh
after weeks of fiddling, reading through posts, cheking the inept CHProducts support (or lack thereof), I google "MS Sim forum" , post a little question, send it to the virtual universe go for a jog and a shower and the gods respond ! Within the hour . Amazing.

For the record here are the steps for those who wish to use CHProduct gameport flightsim yoke and rudder pedals found on Ebay !

Yoke and pedals plug together though a plug on the pedals .

Another cord plugs in one gameport or serial port.

Latest driver for game controller (not that new) installed from the net.

In game controllers choose CH Flight sim yoke - no need to choose rudder pedals as those become part of the yoke when plugged together just like a new button or axis.

You can calibrate the yoke and pedals right there. (properties)

Start flight sim


X in "enable joystick"

click "Realism setting"

ensure auto-rudder is off

click ok

click "assignments" , " joystick axes"

scroll down to "rudder axis"

"change assignments"

toggle the rudders with your feet (or any available body part)

"Z Rotation " appears in the selection box

click OK

it works , even if calibration considered the rudders to be axis "R"

and trottle is considered Z axis"--go figure .

thanks to Jelami for the tips

Montreal, Canada

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jelami First Officer

Happy flying 🍻

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