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What are your thoughts and comments on the "Real Weather" updated every 15 Min's (Not Static Real Weather) from Jeppeson in FS.?
The reason I ask is because sometimes when I use it the weather seems to appear and disappear. Example, one minute I am flying over a nice blanket of cloud over London (UK) where I live which is how it should be when I look out at the real sky from my window and the next minute it totally disappears unnaturally and I can suddenly see the ground, the it re-appears again. Just how reliable is it? Is this a server thing? Some people have said that the "Real Weather" update is behind by a good few hours. Others have said that the "Real Weather" is only available for the USA. I've also heard about something called "Active Sky" which is an alternative and has better looking and realistic clouds. Does anybody use "Active Sky" and is it any more or less reliable than "Jeppeson"?

Have a good day and thanks in advance. 🙂

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x pilot Guest

i emagine its behind a few hours as met stations only record at certain times of day...

i did a flight today from berlin to paderborn and the same happened, then again it probably finds the biggest nearest met station and reports from that...

maybe it takes into account for global warming LOL!!!


Global what!? 🙄

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faust1200 First Officer

I think this happens when you enter the 'zone' of new weather conditions. FSX doesn't seem to have a smooth transition between 2 different types of weather.

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Charlie10 First Officer

Flying in and out of weather is a reality. Granted the "quick change" of the 15 minute update cycle can be abrupt, but not much moreso than breaking out near or below minimums on a VOR approach and quick scanning for the rundway.

Eliphion Guest

It's more than likely not FSX at all. Most observing stations are automated. Of those that are, only the major ones are augmented and only when there is weather going on. Automated stations can only see clouds directly above them and up to 180. What happens is if your FEW-BKN deck moves away from the laser, the next ob put out will read CLR. FSX then takes that ob and clears the sky out. If the clouds move back over the laser in real life, it'll register them again and the change will be reflected in FSX. Hope that helps a little. 🙂

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Charlie10 First Officer

And many of the AWRS are "not available at this time" as an almost stardard routine.

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