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do you find that fsx real world weather always seems to be cllear skies, broken clouds etc. with no wind or extreme weather

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Not for me. It's tricky to understand how it (real weather) works in the simulation.

Weather selection is GLOBAL to missions or freeflight, you select your weather before starting a mission or freeflight. BUT, mission or saved freeflight weather overrides what you selected before starting a mission or saved freeflight. Note that ALL missions include saved weather.
Thus, the only time weather selected before starting to fly will remain in effect is when you run an initial unsaved freeflight.

Soo, unless this is an unsaved freeflight, and you want real (static or updating) weather, then you must tab up to world/weather and select the desired weather AFTER getting into the cockpit!.

It's very... microsoft

jeppsenrocks Guest

I find that downloading real weather is quite good. i could name a few times in my own area with mostly not finishing the flight because of severe thunder & lightning storms, were i had ta shutdown computer.
but one time i tried to land at the nearest airport i couldnot, the winds and downdrafts were so bad, with hail at the lowere altitudes ect.
that i diverted about 200 miles away to rochester were it was quite calm.
when i watched the local news that night, the news said that the airport had to close and flights were diverted to rochester, just like i did in fs.
but, i thought the lesser of microsoft flight sim.; only because they had cleared me to land, when if it simulated anything real, it should have informed me that the airport was closed and redirected me?!. 😞

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I was watching the lunchtime news on the BBC one afternoon, followed by the weather forecast. The weather near where I live (South-east England) was said to be overcast, with a few sunny spells and in Ireland, in the Dublin area there was rain falling.

So I thought I'd have a look at what the Flight Sim would show, so I loaded up FS and chose the Real World Weather option then flew from Manston, my nearest airport, to Dublin.

At Manston there was broken clouds (as suggested on the weather forecast). I flew the Learjet to Dublin and again, just as the weather forecast suggested, it was raining when I arrived in Dublin.

I was seriously impressed! 🙂


this is what FSX cannot do:


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I always have found thew weather to be accurate. I also always select real weather updated every 15 minutes as well.

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