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This plane eminated as a result of something that Violentviolet said - not quite the Sistine Chapel but it's a start 😉

These are shots of a plane I am working on, and so far am pretty pleased with 🙂 There is obviously a lot more work to be done on the detail yet but I had to share the fuselage shots with you guys. I think you'll agree these are a huge improvement on my "very first re-paint attempt" 🙂

As I progress with this plane, I will post further shots - just hope I don't bore anyone in the process ❗

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Roger Bates (zrotzel) Trainee

That is very nice. 😎

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violentviolet First Officer

Very good Leonardo Da Wombat457. 👍

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wombat457 First Officer

Thanks guys always appreciate the comments, good and bad 🙂

Well as for a progress report - some 6 or 7 hours later the left hand side is completed, now the REAL challenge begins, whether or not I can emulate the left side to the right side ????

Oh how I wish Leonardo was here 😞

Cheers and safe flying

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