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how do you declare an emergency in fs 2004 to any airport that you need to land at urgent.

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In FS4 you can't declare emergenies unless you have an ATC addon or fly with vatsim etc. You can of course simulate an emergency declaration by entering 7700 into your transponder but as for landing at an airport... your on your own.

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What add-ons are there for ATC?

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I havn't researched a great deal into it my friend but try this link


Also have a look on www.vatsim.net which is were you can fly online and have real people acting as ATC.

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This is worth considering:


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With an IFR flight plan and default ATC, you don`t declare an emergency, you cancel IFR and enter 7700 in the transponder code, but to accualy declare an emergency and for real situations, (only still with default ATC) I recommend FS Passengers. For ATC addons, try the other links.

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are any of them freeware?

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Vatsim is free. All you need is an internet connection and to download the free software they provide for you on the site.

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